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Beginners Acrobatic & Tumbling – 6wk Short Course

Cost: £80 (to secure your placement, payment before the start of the course which can be set up through a bank transfer or through credit/debit card).
Venue: Pak Mei Athletic Association, London Bridge
Dates: TBA
Days & Times: TBA
Contact: Sifu Dave Stevens

No. of Places: 12 maximum

Course Description:
A short 6wk course intending to develop the basic skills in acrobatics and tumbling, leading up to gaining the skills in safely performing correct basic acrobatic tumbling with confidence.

Basic Acrobatics & Tumbling:
Forward & Backward Rolls – tucked, straddled & straight legged
Headstands – straddle lifts into headstand thru forward rolls
Handstands – Handstand thru forward rolls, backward roll thru handstand
Cartwheels – Two handed, one handed, front to back, tinsica’s
Hurdle step, Cartwheels & Round offs (Arab Spring)
Neck springs
Progressions to Handsprings & Back Flips

Rebound Skills: (Spring Board Skills)
Straight jumps, Straight jumps with half & full twists
Tuck, Straddle & Pike jumps
Dive forward rolls
Front Somersaults

Basic gymnastic body conditioning

Aim and Objectives of the Course:
By end of the course, students will be able to competently demonstrate and practice basic acrobatic skills and the progressive skills leading the individual onto more complex acrobatic and tumbling skills.

Minimum of 6 applicants is for this course to go ahead starting soon in 2013.
To reserve your place please contact me by email or telephone (details can be found on the website


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