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David OliverProfile: David Oliver Bermudez – Espana-Huelva Pak Mei Pai
My name is David Oliver. Since childhood I've trained martial arts. I started with the Japanese martial arts, with judo, when I was five. Then I practised Ninjitsu for a couple of years; later, Shito Ryu Karate and some Taijitsu for more than four years. When I just was starting my college degree, I dropped the practice of the Japanese martial arts out in order to be interested in Chinese ones, and I keep doing that until today. Regarding to the traditional Chinese kung-fu, I started training Yang Taijiquan and Baguazhang with Master Miguel Padrón from Malaga, from Sun Lu Tang School; later, I began to practice Choy Lee Fut style with Master Dr. Gaspar García in Marbella, from Master Chan Yong Fa lineage. As a result of my Choy Lee Fut training, my interest in Chinese martial arts increased, and I started to research into other styles: Northern Tang Lang Quan of Master Ding Zi Chen,'s lineage; Baguazhang, Bajiquan and Piguazhang of Master's Liu Yun Qiao lineage; Master San Tang Qi's Xing Yi Quan, but I've mainly practiced Northern Tang Lang Quan and Yang Taijiquan styles of Wutan school from Taiwan for more than ten years. I've also studied Wing Chun of Master Samuel Kwok's lineage and Master Wang Bo's Yang Taijiquan through his daughter Master Wang Yang, and several Qigong systems: 5 Elements, Sinews and ligaments, 5 Animals, etc…

As a result of my Traditional Chinese Medicine studies (Acupuncture, Phytotherapy and Tuina) I was interested about the study of the Dit Da Jow, David Oliverand I made contact with Master Dr. Yeu Luang Wong in Chattanooga (U.S.A), who showed me the Southern Pak Mei style for the first time; but unfortunately, after our first gathering. Dr Wong, who was very ill, passed away. Due to my interest in Pak Mei, I made contact with Master Tang Cho Tak's lineage school in London, and Dave Stevens Shifu accepted me as a student in order to pass on me the system; that's how I've been practicing the last years Pak Mei style under Dave Shifu guidance.

My experience with Southern Pak Mei style is absolutely positive. This is a system that is totally different from those I've seen before, with internal and external aspects inside the art, alternating the hardness and the softness, with great bodywork, with really powerful techniques and with a training that may transform progressively the practitioner's body and character. It's really a style that quickly clears up why its practitioners are well known as excellent fighters.


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