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General Lion Dance Classes:

Traditional Chinese Lion Dance: 'Forshan / Futsan (Guangdong Province) Style' of Lion Dance
General lion dance classes
Thursday 9.00 - 10.00pm (21.00 - 22.00)
Sunday from 4.30 - 5.30pm (16.30 - 17.30)
Per Class: £10.00 (members only) - General level, traditional lion dance classes open to members.

Class size:
Class sizes will be kept to 12 students' maximum, this means that the class is big enough to cover the cost of the hall and more importantly allows for adequate space for students to be taught safely and practice freely.

Class Structure:
Students will learn the basic movements of the lion head and body including at the more intermediate and advanced stages the acrobatic tricks as well as the musical accompaniment of the drums, cymbals and gong to ensure that all students are well versed in the entire lion dance.

Lion dance structure:
Basic level:
Lion dance theory
Foundational head and tail movements, stances and footwork
Basic store front lion dance story & routine
Basic cheng (eating the greens)
Foundation level adult acrobatics / wu shu skillsmonkey king

Intermediate level:
Traditional lion chengs (eating the greens)
Intermediate level acrobatic lion tricks
Intermediate lion dance stories and routines – traditional and competition
Basic lion musical accompaniment (cymbals and gong) techniques
Intermediate level adult acrobatics / wu shu skills

Advanced level:
Advanced lion chengs (eating the greens)
Advanced acrobatic lion dance tricks
Advanced lion dance stories and routines – traditional and competition
Musical accompaniment: lion drumming techniques, kung fu drumming techniques.
Advanced level adult acrobatics / wu shu skills

Seminars / Workshops:
I offer seminars and workshops available in traditional lion dance movements and music (drums, cymbals and gong).

  • Basic lion dance and routines
  • Intermediate lion dance and routines
  • Advanced lion dance and routines
  • Lion dance tricks and acrobatics
  • Lion dance drumming and instruments
  • Kung fu drumming

Please contact me for price structure and availability.


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