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Welcome to the Pak Mei Athletic Associations traditional Chinese lion dance section.
Over the many years practicing Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) kung fu under my Sifu, Sifu Tang Cho Tak. I have practiced the traditional lion dance customarily seen at the Chinese New Year festivals in and around London and the United Kingdom, for approximately 17 years.

My Sifu has always said to me when I first began learning lion dance that "Lion dancing is so important to kung-fu that to have Southern Chinese kung-fu without lion dancing is like having a flower without its petals".

The lion dance brings a vibrancy of colour and sound with exciting energetic and acrobatic movements to the masses in a single performance and as the old proverbs says “the fierce lion of Heaven brings the fortunes of good luck, prosperity and happiness, to all those who are within the sound of its music”.

There is a traditional viewpoint within authentic Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) kung fu is that "Any kung fu student who performs lion dancing soon finds their stances are much stronger, their stamina is increased, and he/she possesses greater overall strength. Lion dancing provides cardiovascular exercise, stance training, and weight training all rolled into one cultural package".

Today, with our extensive experience, we bring the tradition of Futsan lion dance to life here in London.


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