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Authentic Pak Mei Complete Beginners Foundation Course 6wk Short Course

Cost: £80 (to secure your placement, payment before the start of the course which can be set up through a bank transfer or through credit/debit card)
Venue: Pak Mei Athletic Association, London Bridge
Dates: August - 2013
Days & Times: Wednesday 7.30pm – 9pm
Contact: Sifu Dave Stevens

No. of Places: 12 maximum

Course Description:
A short 6wk beginners course in authentic Pak Mei Kung fu taught by Sifu Dave Stevens and his assistant instructors, concentrating on the foundational skills of this unique style of Chinese Martial Arts.

Haang Ma – Walking the Horse – basic stepping and stance of Pak Mei Kung fu
Tun To Fao Chum – Foundational breathing technique
Chy Sau – Grinding Arm
Chy Guek – Grinding Leg
Saam Sing – Three Styles (Arm conditioning)

Yam Yeung Tan Jeung – Yin Yang flicking palms
Bil Tse – Thrusting fingers
Chyun Sum Choi – Heart piercing punch
Gok Jeung – Cutting Palm
Boi Geem – Reverse sword hand
Boi Kiu – Reverse Bridge
Sok Sau – Seizing hands

Jik Bo Bil Tse Kuen – Straight Step with Thrusting Fingers Fist Form.

Basic applications will be taught by from the techniques and combinations listed above as well as fundamental self defence techniques.
Minimum of 6 applicants is for this course which is suitable for both male and female, complete beginner to those who have some experience in martial arts, to go ahead starting in August through mid September 2013.
Membership to join the school in furthering your knowledge in authentic Pak Mei Kung Fu in the general classes will be offered to those whom successfully complete the 6wk short course.


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