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Stretching, Dynamic Stretching & Qi Gong – 6wk Short Course

Cost: £80 (to secure your placement, payment before the start of the course which can be set up through a bank transfer or through credit/debit card)
Venue: Pak Mei Athletic Association, London Bridge
Dates: TBA
Days & Times: TBA
Contact: Sifu Dave Stevens

No. of Places: 12 maximum

Course Description:
A short 6wk course in stretching, dynamic stretching and Daoyin exercises designed to open the major channels and collaterals (also known as meridians) that cover the whole of the human body.

This course is designed with the aim and objective in teaching the correct method of stretching by combining breathing technique to increase and maximise the individuals’ range of movement to all the major muscle groups and joints, strengthen the body and improve circulation.

The course benefits both young and old, men and women of any age and/or ability as all the exercises can be practiced individually or as a set for form to give the individual a complete training program.

Active stretches (Individual / solo)
Stretches with equipment.
Releasing the Spine.

Dynamic Stretching:
Passive stretches (partnered)
Isometric stretches.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung):
ZhanZhong – Standing Pole
Baa Duan Jin – Eight Brocades of Silk.

Minimum of 6 applicants is for this course to go ahead starting soon in 2013.

To reserve your place please contact me by email or telephone (details can be found on the website


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