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Traditional Chinese Bodywork:
Tui Na An Mo, is an important component in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In China, it shares the same eminence as acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other Chinese medical treatments.

Chinese bodywork ('Tui Na An Mo - literally translates as Push, Grasp, Press and Rub) is a medical art which combines traditional Chinese medicine theory and the essence of ancient Chinese culture and philosophy to treat diseases and preserve the health of the human body by applying manipulation techniques.

In order to have good therapeutic success, the practitioner must have a good, clear understanding of the basic theories, meridians and acu-points as well as a solid foundation of knowledge in human anatomy and physiology.

What distinguishes Chinese bodywork from any other massage?
In modern China, Tui Na An Mo has been spilt into 2 different categories. Tui Na is primarily found to be applied in the hospitals and requires long, indepth study of medical theories and practices, much like physiotherapists are found in the NHS. However, An Mo is commonly seen as more the relaxing, invigorating style of massage that you would get from a therapeutic massage.

Chinese bodywork can be seen as a kind of treatment in which, under the guidance of fundamental TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theories, the practitioner applies a variety of manipulations or use certain blunt instruments to stimulate the surface of the human body with supplementary physical training, so as to prevent and treat disease.

This style of massage has a recorded history dating back 5000 years. However, as we move further into the modern 21st Century, Chinese bodywork is aptly placed to work within any society  where a growing number of individuals seek alternatives to conventional drugs or seek to minimise the side effects of conventional drug treatment. 

It has undergone centuries of clinical development and practice, resulting in a discipline that is unique and comprehensive, and that aligns its theory perfectly with its practice. Though, more and more research into the therapeutic effects of Tui Na, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs and Qi Gong has already taken place and the minds of western doctors are beginning to open as their patients are reporting back the curative effects of traditional Chinese medicine.


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