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TMAS LIVE 2012 – The Martial Arts Show, Birmingham NEC

Sifu Dave Stevens – Cern Gwai (Double Crutches)

Sifu Dave Stevens – Cern Gwai (Double Crutches) from a different angle

Nathan Blake – Sahp Jee Kau Da Kuen incl Sifu Dave Stevens / Rob Langwith – Pak Mei Two Man Form (Saam Lahm Dui Cha)

Sifu Dave Stevens, Nathan Baker, Mahbub Gani & Vikas Kulra - Ying Jow Nim Kiu (Eagle Claw Continuous Bridging) Application Demo

White Eyebrow Kung Fu White Eyebrow Kung Fu
Sifu Man Kwong Fong
A very informative video available on ESPY-TV, demonstrating Sahp Jee Kuen (Cross Pattern Fist) and various applications from the form by Sifu Man Kwong Fong - 5th Generation Sifu of Pak Mei Kung Fu and his students, located in New York.
Gow Bo Teuw Kuen Gow Bo Teuw Kuen
Sifu Unknown - Kindly donated to me by a Pak Mei Brother in Taiwan - Tim Greenwood.
Not really sure what to say about this film, except this is what happens when Wu Shu try to make an authentic style look pretty.

I personally never liked this film and found it heart breaking, as it comes across a bit amateurish plus the actual form in this film barely resembles the traditional Gow Bo Teuw set from the CLC lineage.
Pak Mei Kwan (Bai Mei Gun) Pak Mei Kwan (Bai Mei Gun)
Sifu Li Sen Lin
An interesting VCD from the mainland. Bai Mei Gun, though it doesn't seem to follow any of the traditional CLC (Cheung Lai Chuen) lineage stick forms, though this could be from another lineage or a Wu Shu interpretation. However, Sifu Li does perform this stick extremely well, while demonstrating the Pak Mei body shape, power and footwork.
  Canton Pak Mei
Sifu and Location - Unknown. Kindly donated to me by Nish.
This looks like a personal film of a Pak Mei Sifu birthday celebration somewhere in Canton and is shot in very dark surroundings. The films shows various demonstrations of lion dancing, Sahp Jee Kuen, Gow Bo Teuw some weaponry forms such as the Spear and a never seen Nunchuku form and a whole lot more.


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